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The Thomas train set is among the most popular and well celebrated wooden train sets of all time. Originally created in the 1930’s as a popularity boost for the already popular “little train that could,” designers never imagined how quickly this train set would explode on the marketplace. In fact, Thomas Train sets incorporate numerous functions and variations in today’s marketplace that allow for unique creativity and ability to have fun with your child’s favorite cartoon character. In fact, while wooden train sets have become somewhat nostalgic in nature and purchase, other brand wooden train sets are modeled in dimension and size according to Thomas train’s original design pattern. While several variations of the Thomas Train exist today, basic compositions should be understood in order to purchase the right one for your child.

Basic Composition of Thomas Train sets    

The Thomas train set is generally designed by Melissa and Doug train track designers. Of course, there are other modern designer labels that have mimicked the design patterns and updated product lines; however, the original wooden set is perhaps the most popular. This particular brand offers the Thomas train set at merely 2/3 of the cost of most original wooden sets by merely shrinking the size of the train car number from six to four. Additional engines are able to be added at your budgetary convenience. These include Percy, Elizabeth, and even Gerald. Adding these engines helps contribute to the overall feeling of your child actually being in the Thomas and Friends episode.

The highest of quality and life-like appeal, the tracks of the Thomas train wooden set feature a set of magnetic couplers that are used which assists in the coupling and grabbing of small children to be able to operate this wonderfully popular train set. Continually updated, this magnetic technology is in use with many other wooden train set designers with continual enhancements to ensure your child is able to comfortably enjoy their new favorite Thomas train set.

Thomas The train set cars are extremely life-like in your child’s eyes. Designed with Thomas train’s large smiling face and color patterns make each episode come more to life for your child, also making play time with his new wooden train set much more entertaining and fruitful. Incorporate the same visual effects of Thomas train on television into the actual train set is yet a mere addition to this popular train set. 

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